Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quick Stock Up

Our family has been exposed to the flu and we have one down.  I took her to the doctor this morning and after I got her home I ran out to pick up her medications and grab a few things from the store.

These items were on my running list:
ground beef (85/15) large package for burgers and fries
2 bags of frozen cheese ravioli (my son's favorite)
low fat cottage cheese (for fruit salad)
dry beans 6 lbs of Mayocoba Beans (used up last of GNBeans recently)

Hubby's request:
4 packages of breakfast sausage links (These went into the freezer for weekend breakfasts.  I normally keep patties on hand, but he has been requesting links.)

Treats for sick kiddo:
6 Hershey's Bars (on sale 40% off)
Rice cakes

2 containers of milk
4 small cups of Greek Yogurt (to help with antibiotic issues)
sour cream

To hedge for a simple meal since I am now developing a sore throat -- a loaf of garlic bread for quick pizza.

We're still doing well for the month and everything is stocked.  In fact, I'm taking a turkey out to thaw for a "Thanksgiving" style meal this weekend.  Leftovers will go either in the freezer or be incorporated into next week's meals.


  1. yum! I normally roast 1 turkey/month from Fall thru April!

    1. I picked up a small turkey and I am going to try pressure cooking it. I've never tried so this will be an experiment.


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