Saturday, April 9, 2016

Planned Menu for the Week Versus Reality

This is what my menu looked like for the week:

1.  Pressure Cooker chicken risotto (using last of risotto rice and food storage veggies...chicken from freezer)
2.  fried cabbage and ham biscuits (ham leftover from previous meal and frozen)
3.  hamburger steak with gravy/onions/etc (Crockpot), instant mashed potatoes, green peas (hubby's request)
4.  beef and broccoli rice (Pressure Cooker) freezer meal with rice from food storage
5.  bean soup and cornbread (Crockpot)
6.  vegetable soup (Pressure Cooker) with grilled cheese sandwiches (a mixture of food storage items with some ham leftover from a previous meal)
7.  Cajun beans and rice (pressure cooker)
8.  Pressure Cooker Spaghetti -- food storage 
9.  egg and sausage sandwiches (will make homemade English muffins for these

This was the reality.

1 -- as planned and ended up with leftovers for the next day's lunch
2 -- didn't do because too few people , had sausage and eggs
3 -- hamburger steak was a hit and I packed a couple of meals for my husband to take with him
4 -- the beef and broccoli went as planned and I had enough for two takeout containers to go with my sister.
5 -- I wasn't well and my daughter in law made broccoli and cheese soup. This was excellent!  
6 -- moved the beans to this night and made biscuits instead (3 lbs of beans and only a quart jar left to go with my sister for the next day)
7 -- cabbage and meatloaf  this night (Used up the prior planned cabbage and had an uncooked meatloaf lingering in the freezer.  I actually cooked this all in the pressure cooker at one time with some carrots added.)
8 -- pressure cooker spaghetti as planned using all food storage
9 -- burgers on homemade buns, Dollar Tree tater tots 

For the 7th - 9th we ended up with only two people and I went for easy,  pull from the freezer and made some things hubby and I like best.   I also had to plan dishes I could throw in the pressure cooker because I ended up having to work.  Thank goodness April 15th is almost here!  However, nothing new had to be purchased to these and I kind of just consider it rearranging meals.

I also went ahead and boiled a dozen eggs.  Actually I pressure cooked them, but still same principle.  They went in salads and for snacks for those three days.  Breakfasts were simply cereal, fruit and milk.  Not ideal, but sometimes needs must.

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