Monday, April 4, 2016

Replenishing Supplies

I am literally down to one pint jar of mixed veggies. I use the veggies for casseroles mostly.  Sometimes I use them in soup, but not often.  I like to have them canned for ease. I live in a "hurricane" zone and freezing massive amounts of food is often not my best option.  I also like that the canning includes liquid....should we ever have an emergency situation that may be good.  Even now I use the "veggie broth" to add to my white sauce for casseroles.

So this morning I went ahead and canned six more pints of veggies.  Tomorrow I will do another six jars.  12 more to go on my shelf. Depending on the number of people I am serving I may use 1 or 2 jars at a meal.

Since I had the supplies out and had been planning on making jelly anyway. I had opened a bulk package of pectin a few weeks ago and I didn't want to have to worry about it not  I went ahead and made two batches of grape jelly.  I always can 10 jars and fill a bowl for the fridge for immediate use.

In addition to using this on bread or in hot cereals, I also use it to make homemade jelly rolls and muffins. I have a new to me jelly doughnut muffin recipe that I want to try and if they turn out well, I'll share the recipe.

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