Saturday, April 2, 2016

Grocery Shopping for the Month

I'm working on going back to monthly grocery shopping trips.  I find that I simply do better at sticking to a plan that way.  I've planned out my supper menu for the month, allowed for leftovers for most lunches and easy breakfast meals.  I'll share my menu plan in another post.

I'm allowing $600 for the include all pet supplies and toiletries.  I feed somewhere between 2 and 8 people on any given day and the number is often undecided until that day. I also have to have supplies for my husband to keep at our place where he stays during the work week.

I've purchased so far:

$197.71 Sam's Club
    20 lbs of cheddar cheese
    cat litter
    2 bags of cat food
    decaf tea bags (for iced tea)
    3 flats sodas (for daughter for school -- far cheaper than vending machine)
    Shredded wheat (for husband's breakfasts)
    3 boxes of fiber one bars (for husband)
    2 cartons of lactose free milk
    cooking spray (oil)
    pop tarts (my daughter takes these to school because she can eat them as she walks between classes if need be)

$165 in meat
      hamburger for 18 burgers
      2 pork loin roasts
      16 large pork chops
      2 large coils of Italian sausage
      pork ribs
My finalized list for the rest of the month includes:
5 lbs of mozzarella cheese
3 lbs of pepperoni
25 pounds of all purpose flour (I mix this half and half with my fresh wheat)
3 lbs. of cottage cheese
12 cans of peach slices
12 cans of pineapple
4 lbs. of frozen ravioli
5 bags of various chips
frozen fries (Dollar Tree) for quick grab
3 dozen eggs
toilet paper (POM from Sams)
washing powder
cocoa powder
disposable freezer pans from Dollar Tree

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