Friday, April 22, 2016

Sales and Coupons

The doctors office called in a prescription for my daughter and I had to run to CVS to pick it up. I had $22.39 in coupons, plus some "keep a look out for good prices items" on my running list. I combined the coupons with sales.  I came home with 3 more bottles of laundry detergent, a 50 cents bottle of dish detergent, 24 razors of my husband's preferred brand and 6 large packages of toilet paper. 

I'm stocked for the rest of the year on laundry detergent. Toilet paper is in the top of the closet along with 6 packages I bought earlier. The razors will last him quite some time.  The modest sized bottle of dish soap will go in the laundry room storage. I ended up spending less than $40 and normally just his razors alone would have been $26. 

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