Monday, April 25, 2016

How the Menu Plan Went

Sunday and Monday evenings I was not at home and we relied on pressure cooked food storage meals..,,,taco veggie rice and a beef stroganoff dish.  Lunches were leftovers, fruits and muffins.

Tuesday I served the pork roast I had planned for the previous Saturday. I used home canned carrots, potatoes and some of my dehydrated sweet peas for a quick one pot, pressure cooked meal.  Lunch was scrambled egg and cheese wraps.

Wednesday was supposed to be chicken soup, but my daughter really wanted Mac and cheese. For lunch I cooked pressure cooker Mac and cheese instead of my usual baked.  We ate leftovers for supper.  

Thursday daughter was under the weather. We opted to do delivery pizza.  I had points earned for a free one and I paid a $5 tip. Leftovers became lunch the next day.

Friday night we had ham and cheese biscuits.  No one was feelin particularly energetic and my daughter wanted something salty. 

Saturday found us all still tired from our busy days and daughter still lingering with the side effects of flu.  Lunch was the Cajun beans and rice.  I used up a variety of things in this dish -- black beans from the pantry, half a pound of ground chuck my husband had brought back with him, a bell pepper, some lingering carrots, brown rice from the pantry and all kinds of seasonings.  We topped it with a little shredded cheese. Supper was homemade pizza. 

For Sunday's supper I cooked a turkey, rice, gravy, candied yams, yeast rolls, and green beans. I also made a pan of cinnamon rolls for snacking on. Lunch was leftover Cajun beans.

We didn't do too poorly at sticking to the menu. I am planning to rearrange this week's menu to use up some things I have in the refrigerator.

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