Saturday, April 16, 2016

How the Menu Went this Week

The last week of tax season is kind of crazy for us, but all in all the menu plan didn't vary too much -- at least not in spirit.

Sunday night -- We were supposed to have pancakes, eggs and sausage, but because I was late getting in my daughter in law invited us over for homemade pizza.

Monday night -- I had planned ravioli, which I never managed to pick up at the store.  Instead I opted to bake macaroni and cheese since I already had everything on hand.

Despite the crazy week I found myself with houseguests on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I cooked two large meals on Tuesday.  Lunch was a pot of great northern bean soup with ham chunks and two pans of cornbread.  We were scheduled to have pork chili that night, but one of the guests doesn't do well with spicy foods so that was out.  Instead I served the few leftover beans as a side and baked the pork chops.  I added a side of Brussels sprouts to round it out.  I also cooked a simple cherry cobbler using pantry staples.

Wednesday -- We were supposed to have Shepherd's Pie.  Again not a guest favorite.  We went with the pancakes, sausage and eggs from Sunday night's plan for our lunch.  Supper was a simpler affair to celebrate my son's defense of his thesis.  I used the slow cooker and made his favorite beef and gravy.  Served this with rice and green peas.  We did not bake a dessert, but I splurged and bought his favorite German cookies.

Thursday -- My daughter in law and I combined our efforts this night.  She cooked beef and black bean filling and a separate dish of sweet potato, corn, and black beans -- both for taco fillings. She brought the shells and the cheese.  I contributed yellow rice, diced tomatoes, and fresh pineapple to round out the meal. 

Friday -- Quiche was on the menu.  We had omelettes instead, but all the same ingredients pretty much.

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