Sunday, September 25, 2016

Anniversary Dinner

The time had come for me to downsize my crockpot.  It was a tough choice, but 7 quarts was just too large for only two or three people.  We picked a casserole style one that was 3.5 quarts.

Today we celebrate 24 years together.  I can't believe how the time has flown.  While to some a crockpot may not be a romantic gift, I can tell you it shows he truly knows me.  

Tonight's dinner will be all vegan and a little fancier than I usually make.

Pumpkin pie with a tofu base....he loves pumpkin pie!

Greek Potatoes slow cooker style recipe is here and I simply used vegan butter substitute 

Vegan Fish Fillets (the most expensive part of our meal) with chunky homemade tartar sauce

Green beans (Aldi frozen foods)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Everything looks yummy. I may have to investigate that crockpot -- I love the idea of a casserole style.

    1. Thank you. I shopped around for the best price in my area, which turned out to be Walmart. Nice thing about not having to have it immediately was that I could do that.


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