Friday, September 2, 2016

"Wet and Green" and Chatter

We've kind of settled in and are waiting for Hermine to pass through.  It's been raining since I got up and I am assuming through most of the night.  Hopefully rain will be all we end up with.

Got up this morning to a crazy mess.  For some reason the refrigerator freezer was not working.  I checked everything and finally gave up and moved the items I had in it to the chest freezer. They barely fit, but I was grateful I had been working its contents down. 

Nothing I did seemed to be working and I contacted my husband.  We could not get a repairman here before September 9th.  Lowes had already sent out their delivery truck for the day.  Sears could not deliver until September 9th.  We found one of those "we will finance and or sell you an appliance at a ridiculous fortune" that would deliver today.  I was set to change my travel plans and wait until next week rather than go that route. 

In desperation I asked myself what was the easiest thing to do.  In a voice only a computer techy would truly appreciate I said, "Did you try turning it off and back on?"  I figured I had nothing to lose.  I turned the entire refrigerator off -- this thing is only 5 years old and a good quality that was bought for longevity -- and let it sit for five minutes.  I turned it back on and the temps began to drop.
I was amazed!

The only thing I can figure was that last night during the thunder storming several of the small electrical appliances went off, but we never lost power or anything like that.  I am assuming the refrigerator must have done the same.  My husband said perhaps some kind of brown out.  Either way it is working now.  Thank goodness.  Nothing else in the house seems to be having any troubles either.

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