Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Slow Cooker Veg Lasagna

I am really enjoying the new crockpot.  I absolutely crave tomatoes some days and I was having one of those.  I pulled together a vegan lasagna and ended up with enough for two meals, plus leftovers for my husband's lunches for the week.

My cost wasn't too bad.  The biggest expense was the 3/4 package of vegan cheese substitute I used, but it gave it that mouth feel I was looking for.

Dollar Tree no boil noodles, a jar of Aldi Marinara sauce, a few mushrooms, a bag of Aldi frozen spinach, part of a diced onion, two shredded carrots, tofu,  and the vegan cheese.  It cost me approximately $12 to make and about $4 of that was the cheese.  We had 9 generously sized portions at less than $1.40 per serving.


  1. That's great. I've had lasagna on my mind for a little while. I need to find the sweet spot where there is enough leftovers to really satisfy the craving but not so many that we have lasagna coming out our ears.

    I'm really loving that slow cooker!

    1. I've been surprised to find it is quite a versatile size.

      Have you considered doing lasagna rolls instead and freezing part of them? I find that works well.


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