Saturday, September 10, 2016

Plant based Chili Mac

After a long train ride home I was craving something warm and filling.  I made up a huge pan of Chili Mac.  I used this basic recipe for my starting point.

Of course, in typical fashion I may have changed it a little.  I used freezer and pantry items to pull this together quickly.  I did use fresh onion, but if I hadn't had any I would have simply used dried onion.

I used whole wheat pasta.  My onion was red because that was what I had on hand.  I minced some garlic to add because I love garlic.  I used 1/2 of a bag of Gardein beef crumbles and added 2 cups of the pinto beans I had previously frozen.  I didn't want that much of the crumbles and prefer more of my protein to come from beans.  I also wanted to keep the costs a little more reasonable.  I used 1 can of tomato sauce because I like it saucy.  I also increased the amount of cumin.  Oh, and I just stirred in a little Daiya cheddar shreds.

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