Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Frugal Happenings Week 9/4/16

I spent the week with my son and actually didn't spend a lot.  Things I did spend were planned.

1.  I bought my daughter in law her birthday gift early.  She wanted cast iron pans and we found her a griddle, a Dutch oven, and a large skillet.  I considered these investment pieces.  Because I was with them I saved on having to ship them to her and because of weight I can only imagine how much that would have been.

2.  I carried snacks with us for our trip.

3.  I rode the train back instead of driving.  The only way driving is more economical for us is if we have the economy of scale of having a car full of passengers.

4.  I packed muffins and fruit for the train ride.

5.  I picked up some vegetarian cookbooks and some books for a Christmas present at the local library book sale.  $3 for a bag of books isn't bad at all.

6.  I packed my husband's meals for the week.

7.  We went out to eat and took my grandson to ride the merry go round....while these did cost, they were planned splurges and totally worth it.

8.  We walked to the park several days.

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