Sunday, September 18, 2016

Quiet Sunday

It is kind of a quiet Sunday here.  Due to recent gas shortages we filled the cars up yesterday.  (The nearest gas stations are now out.)  As a precaution, in case they don't have the pipeline repaired by the end of the week, I've spent the morning cooking for my husband to take with him.

I thought I would share how I use my freezer, pantry and stock up items to pull together meals.

I made a pot of bean chili.  Quick and easy.  I made exactly enough to fill 3 pint jars.  Two for him to take with him and one for me.
This used:
kidney beans -- dry storage, cooked in bulk yesterday
chickpeas -- from freezer
diced tomatoes with chilis -- from pantry
onion and bell pepper -- from freezer
tomato sauce (1/2 can) -- from pantry
spices and seasonings from storage

I also wanted something "taco" flavored.  A quick survey showed me I had leftover Spanish rice, which served as my jumping off point.

Spanish rice (a few cups) -- from fridge (previously made from all food storage)
1 cup of ground vegan crumbles -- from freezer
onion and bell pepper -- from freezer
tomato sauce (second half of can from chili)
spices and seasonings  from storage
kidney beans  -- from yesterday's cooking

This made a pretty large batch.  We will have it in tortilla wraps (burrito style) and serve some on baked potatoes. 

While all of this was going I baked 8 of my freezer biscuits.  4 went for breakfast and 4 for my husband to take along this week. Since the oven was already hot I baked a crisp, too.

For the crisp--
1 sweet potato from short term storage
2 apples from short term storage
coconut sugar from pantry storage
cinnamon from storage
Earth Balance -- from fridge
oatmeal -- from pantry storage

To me the best thing about having a stocked pantry is not having to run out to get things.  I was able to pull out canned fruits, veggies, baked beans, etc. to round out his weekly meals.  If the gas shortages continue I'll be able to do the same thing for us here at home with no problems.  If things were to progress we might have to switch from more fresh to frozen, canned, or dried, but we would still eat well.


  1. Pantry principal in action . .that's why we do it! : ) Shortages are supposed to impact as far North as NY. Haven't seen any signs yet here in CT, but I am planning a top up when I take DD to an appointment in the morning.

    1. Yeah, I have a distant memory of waiting in line for gas with my mama in the 70s. The local gas station has taken down their price signs and put up signs everywhere that they are out. I'm not sure about the next closest one.


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