Saturday, September 3, 2016

Opportunity Spending

I had to run to Aldi to pick up some convenience items for my daughter. With her school schedule it is hard for her to cook three meals a day and neither of us want her to eat out multiple times a day.  Convenience foods were the most economical and healthier route.   Her items aren't shown here because they come out of a different category.  

However, since I was there anyway I picked up some items that are accounted for in grocery and travel line items.

2 lbs of fettuccine -- $1.89 (normally not in my Aldi)
1/2 bag of apples for travel and 1/2 for her -- $1.79
Apple Jacks for travel (a gift for my grandson, when we arrive) -- $2.89
1 box crackers -- $1.49
1 box crackers for travel $1.49
2 80 ounce jars of dill pickles -- $7.38 (normally not in my Aldi)
2 bottles bamboo shoots -- $1.89 (hit and miss stocking)
2 bottles of bean sprouts -- $1.89 (hit and miss stocking)
4 cans water chestnuts -- $1.56 (hit and miss stocking)
Soy milk -- $2.19
Peach iced tea for travel -- $3.99
NescafĂ© instant coffee for travel  -- $5.38
Hummus for travel -- $1.99
Onion powder -- .99
Bananas for travel -- .85
Wheat tortillas for travel -- $1.39

Home $19.67 including tax
Travel $20.17 including tax
Daughter's supplies $36.15 including tax

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