Saturday, August 6, 2016

Frugal Happenings

Even though we save for annual (or biannual) expenses I hate to draw that money out of savings.  This was the month for property taxes (paid early for a discount), car insurance, house insurance, college tuition, and all the usual bills.  We also paid for our October anniversary trip.  In addition to that we had obligations for either family, work or school every weekend out of the last 7. 

Still we managed to accomplish some frugal things in the last few weeks.

1.  We were able to use in plan providers for my doctor's appointments, find the lowest priced diabetic supplies by shopping around, and find some good diabetic cookbook sources free at the library.

2.  We also get a discount for paying our taxes early.

3.  While we were not able to save on schoolbooks, I was able to gift one of mine from a previous class to a young lady who really could use the savings.

4.  My mom gave me some yarn and I am turning it into a sweater coat for me.

5.  We were given cucumbers and we ate them until they were gone.  Nice fresh side at no cost to us.  I also saved my vinegar every night and refrigerated it, so I could add fresh cucumbers to it the next day.

6.  We ate at home with no take out that was not involved in our travels.

7.  I went to Aldi with a list and came home with what was needed to round us out for the month.  I bought whole wheat pasta, sugar free applesauce, soy milk, and six dozen eggs.  Our plan is to use August as a eat from what is on hand month.

8.  I donated some pots and pans I no longer use to Goodwill, carried a stack of books to the library, and had dinner guests every night this week.  I also gave away a play pen that we had stored to a young family who will put it to good use.   I think it is always important that I remember how blessed we are and sharing helps me do that.

9.  As usual we ate leftovers for lunches whenever possible, hung what I could for drying laundry, and combined trips whenever possible.

10.  I did do a little Amazon shopping....ordering some bulk grocery items.  The initial cost seems big, but the per item cost is far less than I pay in the stores here. 

11.  I also bought several diabetic cookbooks.  I was able to buy them used and use free shipping for two of them.  Even the one I did not get free shipping on was still less than new with shipping added.

So that is it.....I'm sure there are little things I did not think of, but I didn't keep a list.

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