Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grocery Run

With us rolling into September soon I took stock of what we had on hand.  I pulled out the running grocery list and decided what was necessary and what I had a substitute for to use as a basis for creating my list.  I divided it by the three stores closest to my home and with the best prices.  I aim for closest to home because I believe if I ride all over town I am burning up more on gas than I am saving.  Also with me home more now, I am doing less "going by" stores in route to somewhere else.  Some things are specifically for my daughter, who is not joining us on a vegetarian diet. (Even though her items were dairy and technically vegetarian, I am trying to avoid dairy if possible.)

Aldi was first on my list.  I check their prices and what is available before heading to the next stores.

4 packages of wheat tortillas
1 carton FF Lactose Free milk (daughter)
2 cartons organic soy milk
5 lbs. of red potatoes
dish detergent (I usually buy this at Dollar Tree, but wasn't going that direction.)
American cheese slices (daughter)
sweet potatoes
2 dozen eggs (daughter)
sweet pickle relish

Walmart Neighborhood Market
6 lbs. of brown rice
shredded mozzarella (daughter)
6 packages of vegetarian frozen substitutes
vegan mayonnaise
highlighters (daughter)
Gatorade (for travel and blood sugar issues because if I drop this doesn't sky rocket me)
8 cups of yogurt (daughter)
cat food
cat litter

The Fresh Market -- expensive so I only buy specialty items there.
3 packages of Vegan "cheese" -- only place in town I can buy this
3 packages of allergen free chocolate chips for baking (must for allergens)

Total I spent based on my categories (totals rounded up):
pantry stock up -- $21
freezer vegan conveniences -- $30
Gatorade -- $9
Animals -- $27
Produce and perishable -- $55
Cleaning supplies -- $2

The only thing on my list that I feel was kind of high was the vegetarian meat substitutes.  While I don't use a lot of them, I do want to keep some in the freezer for quick fix meals.  Each packages will make two meals for  two of us when combined with leftovers or quick heat veggies.  These are far cheaper than us just trying to grab something or ordering a vegetarian pizza, and I believe they are healthier.  Some days life just requires adjusting and I had rather plan for that than have to scramble at the last minute.

Not too bad and all I will need to buy next month is any fresh produce and dairy we need.  I'll keep a watch on the sales papers just to be safe.  However, I find that most weeks I can beat sales paper prices by careful shopping and keeping the pantry stocked.

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