Monday, August 22, 2016

Frugal Happenings for Week 8/14

1.  Sewed pants for my grandson using thrifted fabric. 

2.  Used dried beans recipes during the week for inexpensive and healthy protein.  I cooked them in batches to conserve energy.  I am also only using wheat we grind combined with 1/4 recipes worth of bread flour.  I ground cornmeal for cornbread, too.  My goal is to make all of our breads.

3.  Bought a huge box of parchment paper from Sam's Club for using to trace toddler patterns on. This allows me to preserve the original patterns and is way less expensive than the paper the fabric stores sell.   Bought toilet paper and paper towels at Sam's Club for best bulk price.

5.  Discovered that Dollar Tree has my favorite antibacterial in refill containers, which lets me reuse my bottles and buy 6 more ounces for the same price.  A recycling win and a money win.

6.  I had a midday doctor's appointment and I packed my lunch to carry along rather than trying to pick up something.

10.  I continued to use up items in my craft room stash to work on items for my family.  I refashioned one of my husband's old shirts into a tunic length blouse for me at no cost.

11.  Worked on finding a substitute for the fiber bars my husband likes to eat.  The granola bars were a success.

12.  We spent some time (elbow grease and no out of pocket money) pressure cleaning and scrubbing our patio and front entry area.  We were able to borrow a pressure washer and use Simple Green that I already had on hand.  I'm on the lookout for pretty mums as soon as they become available and the front entrance will be "finished." 

13.  As always, I worked to keep food waste down by eating leftovers and working things into new dishes.

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