Monday, August 8, 2016

Frugal Happenings for the Second Week of August

In no particular order:

1.  I cleaned and organized the craft room.  Made a promise to myself to work on using up some of the items I have on hand.  My best guess is I could stay busy for a year.  😉

2.  I salvaged a favorite t-shirt that I had stained.  No matter what I tried I couldn't get a stain out, so I cut the bottom off and turned it into a housedress.  The blue fabric I used was gifted to me some time ago and all I was out of was a little thread and some time.  It will be perfect for wearing around here.

3.  We continued to eat leftovers for lunches.

4.  I did all baking at home. 

5.  I checked out several new to me cookbooks from the library and wrote down a few recipes to try. 

6.  I started working on my 18 month calendar and getting the budgeting sheets up to date.

7.  My doctor's office gave me a few coupons for some vitamins.  I am not able to use them, but I did pass them on to someone else.

8.  I sold one book to Amazon.  I donated a stack to the local library...where they will use them on the shelves and if they have duplicates they will sell them for fund raising.  

9.  I started my Christmas planning.  I've found one small gift for my grandson, planned my daughter in laws gift, and started tatting ornaments for another family member.

10.  While it wasn't a no shopping week I did create a list and stick to it.  It was time for a Sam's Club stock up.  

11.  I used fabric and notions from my stash to sew myself a top, my daughter a knit top, and my niece a cute dress.  The fabric for my top was bought on discount some time ago.  The fabric for my daughter's was gifted to me.  The blue fabrics for my niece's dress was $2 a yard and I used about two.  Add the cost of the spool of ribbon for $1 and she has a new dress for about $5.  

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