Monday, August 8, 2016

Sweater Coat in Progress

My husband and I are planning an anniversary trip for early October.  I don't think it will be cold enough for a heavy coat, but still cooler than what I will be comfortable in. I think a sweater coat will be the perfect piece.  So after pulling through all my yarn stash and looking through my patterns I settled on a yoked, chunky weight sweater jacket.  The yarn is an expensive yarn I bought years ago and gave to my mama.  Neither of us liked the original planned pattern and sent the yarn back to me recently.  I think it must have finally aged enough, because I am liking this sweater.  It also helps that I love the mix of the red, burgundy and purple.  I'll post more progress as I go along.  Basically, as far as I am concerned this is a free sweater coat for  She decided she didn't want the yarn and all I am out of these 8 years later is my time to spend crocheting it.


  1. I do like those colors, but then, I am a "Winter" as far as color palettes go.

    1. You know, I'm not really sure what color palette is my best. I believe I am a winter, too. But I have to admit that I absolutely love red and it makes me happy to wear it.


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