Monday, August 22, 2016

Chocolate Cake (food storage)

Making a vegan cake is not overly difficult if you keep a stocked pantry.

I used the standard Depression Era wacky cake recipe, but substituted freshly ground whole wheat pastry flour for all purpose.  I baked two layers and when they were cool I frosted them with "buttercream" frosting using coconut fat as the butter substitute.

I hadn't baked a major dessert in a while and this was a hit.


  1. We called this goofy cake growing up and it's still one of my favorite cakes. I love how it's made totally from pantry items. I made it during our recent family vacation for an "unbirthday" party. If I'm feeling fancy and have the jam on hand, raspberry jam between the layers and a little thin ganache drizzled over top is really good, too!

    1. That sounds good! My daughter loves chocolate anything. The whole wheat pastry flour changes the texture slightly, but not in a bad way.


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