Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Letter P -- Meals 1 and 2

This week's meals are brought to you by the letter P ... Pinto beans were the first bean I came to in the pantry so I used the pressure cooker to cook up a batch.

Meal 1 -- I was starving and forgot to photograph.  I simply mashed pinto beans with guacamole and ate on fresh bread.

Meal 2 -- I made beans and rice.  (Cooking extra brown rice for use in later meals in the pressure cooker.)

This was my meal. My daughter added some ground beef to hers and skipped the onions.  Two pots to clean, but so be it.


  1. Looks yummy-are those mushrooms and peppers?

    1. It does have mushrooms and peppers. I try to keep some veggies chopped and ready to go so that I add a bigger variety to things.

  2. I love pinto beans! I especially enjoy them with greens and cornbread, which is a southern way of eating them that I had never experienced until meeting my husband. Are you all the way vegetarian? We were both vegetarian for quite a while but now eat meat regularly. I try to keep a balance of meatless and meat-full meals; it can get tricky sometimes!

    1. I love them served that way, too. Beans(of any variety) and cornbread are Southern staples.

      I am trying to convert myself over to vegetarian. The rest of my family isn't as keen. However, I don't know if I will be able to bring myself to go fully vegan or not. I think the big test for me will be what my blood work shows in a few months.


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