Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals

We actually kind of went over these a few days into 2017 because I was in full recovery mode (read that as filled with pain medicine) and I was totally unproductive.

Our "big" goals in general:

1.  Plan one large family vacation.
2.  Do some redecorating and repairs on our home. (It's time.  We will have to pay someone to do a lot of the painting because of the open foyer.  There is no way I am climbing scaffolding over open stairs.  If I were to fall, I imagine the medical bills would far outweigh the costs of a painter.  We also need a new stove and to do some general light repairs.  Now that we are down to 1 child at home we are also going to rearrange some things.  I will also be replacing the living room furniture.  The pieces I am using now will go to our other place, where we need living room furniture.)
3.  Get our daughter enrolled in the local university.  (She will finish at the community college this summer.)
4. put a raised garden bed along the edge of our home

Our usual little goals:

1.  continue to tweak our budget
2.  work on better organization

My personal goals:
1.  continue to use up craft supplies on hand (My goal is to only purchase supplies if I am using them at the moment and I have run out of what I need.  For example, I had everything for my current quilt but basting pins and quilting thread.  I picked those up -- using coupons to off set costs.)
2.  streamline my wardrobe and sew more of my own clothes
3.  work on handmade birthday gifts for my youngest nieces and nephews
4.  utilize the library more often
5.  return to my charity knitting, crocheting and sewing

So those are our broad stroked plans.

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