Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (on a budget)

I got a phone call from Mama saying she and my uncle were coming up. 
I wanted to serve lunch, but of course, all I had put on my menu was leftovers since I knew my daughter wouldn't be home.  I wanted to offer something nice, but I was determined to pull from what is on hand to create a simple meal.  Since everyone is going to be here my sister is swinging by on her lunch break.
My uncle is having surgery in a few days and is on a clear liquids diet.  I have the bone broth from the chicken I cooked -- perfect!
Keeping with the theme of soup I pulled out a jar of my home canned sweetcorn, two potatoes, and some frozen onions and bell peppers.  This became a quick corn chowder.  (I'll puree a little of it for thickener.)  I already had coffee cake so dessert was easy.
I pulled together a quick pitcher of sweetened tea -- a Southern staple.
Since I had already had some buns, I decided to just butter and toast them.
To make it look a little more planned -- presentation does go along way -- I set a pretty, but functional table.  (We've taken the leaf out since there are usually only two of us and I am enjoying the change.)
My crocheted placemats and the soup mugs my daughter in law gave me for Christmas work perfectly.  I added one of my favorite candles and I'll remove it when we sit down to eat so I can put the bread in the middle of the table.
As things progressed the time table changed.  My daughter made it home early.
She and my sister ate the leftovers I had planned anyway.
Having company over doesn't have to break the budget and I think everyone enjoyed the visit.


  1. Very pretty presentation! Good for you, I know your guests felt special.

    1. Thank you. I'm afraid I'll never be a Martha Stewart, but I hope everyone leaves feeling welcomed.


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