Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Frugal Happenings 2nd Week January 2017

It's a lot easier to be frugal when you can't truly leave the house. However, to be fair I did try to make sure things were stocked up for recovery time.

1.  We have eaten at home all week except for one order of pizza.  We used advertised specials and bought two medium pizzas for $13.98.  This was on one of my worst days and I just wasn't up to doing much.  It was also easier on my husband, who does not cook at all.

2.  I used up two balls of yarn leftover from other projects.  I crocheted one "tween" sized hat, knit one preemie baby hat, and crocheted a toddler hat.  These will all be given away.

3.  I sat at my sewing table and culled a pile of fabric.  I have some small pieces that I won't use up any time soon.  They'll be gifted to a quilter who can add them into her quilt stash.

4.  We've continued to use up our home canned products and I am officially down to 5 quarts of tomatoes, 9 pints of sweet corn, 18 pints of cranberry sauce, 5 pints of broth, 13 pints of carrots, and we added 5 pints of apple butter and 1 pint of "syrup" for future use.  The apples were free to us and I had all the supplies we needed to can them on hand.  (I do have a cabinet with canned orange slices, but I cannot get to them at present to do an inventory.)

5.  We used a coupon to buy some school supplies my daughter needed.

6.  We did not have to run out to buy anything for our rare Southern snow storm.  We baked a loaf of bread and I just turned the last of it into dried "croutons" for stuffing.  We ate home baked goods, used extra blankets, and just stayed in.

7.  We sold back a few text books to the school.  My husband said we could have the money as mad money.  Daughter and I each walked away with $55. 

8.  I paid medical bills online and used the credit card.  No stamps, I will earn the points, and my savings will continue to earn interest until I pay the bill the beginning of next month.

9.  I had the urge to buy a new dress.  Instead I pulled through my sewing patterns and fabric.  I've picked out my new project at no new cost to me.

On the not so frugal side:

1.  Because of my surgery and risk of infection, we have washed towels and my gowns everyday.  I am expecting the water and electric bill to be higher, but consider it "an ounce of prevention."

2.  Our car gas expense will be higher because my husband has driven home every night to help here.  Compared to cost of hiring someone to help and the added emotional benefit of having him here -- I'm considering this money well spent.

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