Monday, January 30, 2017

Master Cleaning Schedule -- Daily and Monday

Although I shared that I was combining a household binder with a bullet journal, I didn't really share what my 2017 plan is.  It is really a combination of things pulled together and tweaked to what works for me.  In a nut shell, I've updated my Master Cleaning Schedule, created a new kitchen cleaning spreadsheet, streamlined all my record keeping to one notebook, created a weekly calendar and menu combination page, etc.

I was hoping this will translate over well enough for y'all to see it.  I actually have it saved on a spreadsheet, but I can't figure out how to embed it into this.  So instead I am going to break this down into days and share one each day this week for the master cleaning.    In my actual book, I have the entire Master Cleaning Schedule on one sheet (printed landscape) and I have the daily, weekly, and monthly Kitchen Schedule on a second sheet.  The Kitchen Schedule has grids where I can check them off and I only use one sheet for the entire month.  The master schedule I print double sided and use one for every week.

I find that having this ready frees me up to do the things that allow us to save money.  It also keeps me in the "frugal frame of mind" so to speak.  Next week I'll share a list of just some of the frugal things we have adopted and how we choose which things work for us.

Daily Household
Water Plants
Trash cans
Kitty Litter
Beds made
Mail checked
Meal prep

Daily Kitchen
Wipe counters/stove/table
Change Towels
Wipe any spills

 Kitchen Weekly
clean out fridge
wash rugs
check cleaning supplies inventory
flush kitchen drain with boiling water
wipe all appliances in detail

Kitchen Monthly
clean coffee maker in detail
clean inside dishwasher
clean oven
wash garbage cans
update freezer inventory
straighten pantry/cabinets/drawers
wipe cabinets in detail

Master Schedule for Monday

DD's Bedroom
Wash bedding
Ceiling Fan
Light switch
Craft Room
Ceiling Fan
Trash emptied
Light switch
Shelves Straight


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