Friday, January 13, 2017

Free Food Preservation

My husband came in and his first words were, "I know the timings bad, but...."  All I could think was what
Turns out someone had given him a large bag of apples.
I knew I would not be able to can them alone, but with the three of us working together we managed to get them put away.
My daughter brought in the canner and the canning supplies.
We got the jars going and then I sat at the island and we worked on the apples.  She cut and I cored.  Everything went into the pressure cooker, along with some water, spices and coconut sugar.
8 minutes in the pressure cooker (once they came up to pressure)
Then my husband mostly drained the apples and I pureed them with an immersion blender.  (I saved the liquid and sealed it in a jar.  It will be used to make "apple syrup" for pancakes.)
We ended up with 5 pints of apple butter and the pint of "apple juice" that I will thicken with cornstarch when we use it.  We also saved out a small bowl of apple butter to use now.
A little family cooperation and nothing was wasted!


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