Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chaos Tamed

For a little over a year I had been going back to school full time.
While my family was great at helping me, things still got quite chaotic around here.
Now that I am home, I'm slowly reclaiming my home one room at a time.
I started with the kitchen cabinets.
All that stuff on the bottom left corner came out of that top cabinet.
The second cabinet was just as bad.
On the right, the two newly cleaned and organized cabinets.
The top photo shows our teas, vitamins, a few boxed items, etc.
The bottom photo (the second top cabinet over my counter) is my baking station.
I have my pastry flours, sugars, etc on the bottom shelf.
The middle shelf has my dried fruits, some mixes, and my sprinkles..
The top shelf has my chocolate supplies and baking chips.
There's really no organizing the kitchen cabinets without organizing the pantry.
I had recently done a Sam's Club stock up and things were everywhere.
Everything is now organized....pastas together, beans together, large tubs of whole grains together, condiments together --- you get the idea.

I also straightened the corner cabinets that I keep dishes in.
I'm slowly downsizing things and I have 3 casserole dishes, a large pasta serving bowl, and 4 pasta plates that are going to my sister.  I've also packed up dishes I was storing for my daughter in law.  She has her own home now and I'll be sending them home with her.
I also cleaned out the spice cabinet and organized it.
Basically I got rid of anything that was too old and put it all back.  I moved all the extras to the highest shelf to rotate down as needed.
The home canned goods are all organized and so are the purchased ones.  (Like with like kind of thing.)
The organization helps my mental health and it allows me to cook from what I have because I can find everything easily.
On my agenda for next is the kitchen drawers.  I have three that need some TLC.
I think I will need to buy organizers for two of them.

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