Saturday, January 14, 2017

Slowly Working

I've reached the stage where I feel just good enough to be miserable. 
With a little help I can piddle in the kitchen and kitchen work always makes me happier.
We had 3 sweet potatoes that needed to be cooked.  I tossed them in the Instant Pot and put them on for 30 minutes.  I let the pressure drop naturally and when I could handle them I mashed them. A cup went into a dozen muffins and a tiny "tea" loaf.  I added raisins and flax seeds, and I used whole grain flour to make this pretty healthy.  To veganize them I used egg replacer and coconut sugar.
Friday night was pizza night.  My daughter likes her without sauce and she requested cheddar cheese.

We had our vegan pizza -- sauce, Daiya mozzarella, onions, bell pepper, and olives.
Both were made on homemade whole wheat crusts.

I used labor saving devices to help me stick to healthier eating and to increase my productivity.
The pressure cooker and the bread machine are both easy to operate and pretty energy efficient.

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