Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Sits and Thinks"

  My husband's favorite quote (or one of many) ---  "Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits." That seems to sum up my day yesterday.  

I'm not one for sitting for hours on end.  I'm forbidden to go up and down the stairs alone.  Forbidden to lift anything.  For someone who is a constant piddler, this is quite stifling. I'm spending an excruciating amount of time sitting and thinking.   The highlights of yesterday were limited.
I'm rewatching the Inspector Morse mysteries on Acorn TV.  

I also am working on a crocheting project.  I have three skeins of the variegated yarn and one solid gray.  When I mentioned Christmas gifts I forgot to add that my uncle gave me two skeins of yarn for Christmas.  The gray was the second skein he gave me and it seems to be going well with the variegated from my stash.  I am hoping the four skeins will produce a decent sized throw.

The second skein he gave me was a variegated yarn and I believe the color way was called Woodlands or something similar.  I crocheted a really cute bucket hat with it.  It used the entire skein except for maybe enough for the center of a granny square.

I also cooked supper with my daughter's help.  It was a simple meal, but it seemed to take twice as long as it normally would.
I cooked rice and soy curls stir fry.  I used the Instant Pot to cook the rice and made a double batch.  I also made enough stir fry to send lunch with my husband and have leftovers for myself.  
This was my first time trying the soy curls and I was pleasantly surprised by how good they are.  Since I wasn't sure about the yield, I cooked the whole 8 ounce bag.  It looks like a fourth of the bag will be enough for one meal for my husband and me.  I have the leftovers in the fridge to use in a different meal.  I'm leaning toward some kind of casserole or perhaps a "chicken" soup type dish.

Even with the soy curls, this was a pretty frugal meal.  I buy rice in bulk, the peppers were some I bought on sale and froze myself, the broccoli was an Aldi purchase, and I made my own sauce using corn starch for a thickener.

After dinner my husband took me for a short ride just so I could get out of the house.  I came home, he helped me shower, and it was back to my trusty recliner.  So I could "sits and thinks" some more.


  1. Very pretty yarn colors! Love the hat. I have never heard of soy curls, interesting. Sorry you had to have surgery, sounds like you are ever so slowly trying to find a new normal as you recouperate. Be well!

    1. Thanks. I think slowing down is the hardest part for me.

  2. I'm compiling data on the soy curls. ;) You're the third person I follow who seems to really like them, but I confess that they look rather unappetizing in the package, so haven't quite made the leap. Do you read the Fat Free Vegan website? She has several recipes with soy curls. The author of the blog Happy Healthy Long Life also has a couple of recipes with soy curls. I've made recipes from both sites and have been pleased (but not using soy curls).

    1. I held out for a while, too. I finally gave in and ordered some. They do look unappealing. Totally! However, they absorb the flavor of the broth and take sauce well. I hadn't heard of the second site you mention -- thanks, I will check it out.


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