Friday, January 27, 2017

February Grocery Shopping and Christmas Shopping

My husband gets paid once a month and I've decided to go back to my monthly shopping trips.
I've budgeted $500 a month to include toiletries, paper goods, and animal food.
Today I went out armed with my lists and coupons. 
I actually spent a little more at Aldi than I had planned, but they are closing from February 5th to the end of March due to remodeling.  I picked up some extra items to get us through that time period.
Also, when you see some of the mixes I buy please take into account that while I know some other brands are cheaper I do have to look for what is nut/peanut free (including processing). 
In the top corner is a package of 3 makeup bags that I bought on discount for $1.  These are going in my Christmas gift box because my niece will love them.
The next photo shows what I bought from Walmart.
2 -- 2 liter Sam's Choice colas
1 dozen large eggs
2 brownie mixes
3 cake mixes
1 bottle of Great Value brand coffee creamer
1 bag of marshmallow
1 package of cinnamon rolls
1 box of Velveeta
8 ounces of shredded cheddar
2 packages of cream cheese
1 lb. of bananas
1 bottle of body wash
1 large container of vanilla yogurt
1 bottle of orange juice
1 lb. of ground beef
Total $37.20.
At Aldi I bought:
12" take and bake pizza
4 boxes of Stevia
1 large box of pop tarts
5 bags of white corn tortilla chips
3 bags of pretzels
2 packages of loose pork sausage
3 -- 2 liter colas
1 pair of tongs
2 rubber spatulas (at 50 cents each!)
table salt
5 lbs of cornmeal mix
4 cans of evaporated milk
2 roaster hens (89 cents per lb.)
6.5 half pork loin (1.69 per lb.)
hash brown patties
2 toothbrushes
4 packages of crescent rolls
3 layered cookie jars ($1 each and are reusable jars)
2 large cans of coffee
Total 90.88
2 large bottles of CVS "Head and Shoulders"
1 bottle of Head and Shoulders
3 nail polish pens
Total $3.85
All together I spent $132.
I did spend more at Aldi than I had planned, but as I said some of that is to carry into next month.
The last bit of shopping I have to do for February will be a trip to Sam's Club, which I hope to do this weekend.

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