Monday, January 23, 2017

Menu Monday

I try to keep our menu kind of fluid.  We work leftovers into future meals as we go along whenever I can and I also try to use them for lunches.  This week we are also working on using up some specific items from the freezer.

B -- cereal with milk
L -- leftover pork chops and rice (I turned this into a simple stir fry.)
S -- leftover roast chicken added to homemade Alfredo sauce and served over pasta

B -- egg wraps (scrambled eggs, flour tortillas, cheese)
L -- leftover chicken Alfredo
S -- tacos (using up 1 cup of dried pintos I had in the canister, 1 lb. of ground beef from the freezer, seasonings, and flour tortillas)

B -- waffles, syrup, bacon (1/2 package from freezer)
L -- leftover taco filling served on baked potatoes
S -- Company over -- Italian chicken and rice casserole, green beans, crescent rolls, and a dessert

B -- muffins
L --  chicken stir fry (new recipe using Ramen noodles, a bag of Aldi brand stir fry veggies, and a small bag of chicken from the freezer)
S -- bacon, eggs, hash browns

B -- cereal or muffins
L -- beef fajitas (using 2 small steaks from the freezer, frozen bell pepper, etc.)
S -- homemade pizza

B -- to each his own
L -- Boca burgers, tater tots, sandwich thins (all from the freezer)
S -- Crockpot hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, green peas, mushroom gravy

Brunch at my sister's house -- Hash brown casserole with bacon
S -- lasagna (I made and froze), garlic bread, and green beans

I'll do various baking throughout the week for snacking on.


  1. Tastey selections, nice varitey, too!

    1. Thanks. I'm working on using up a variety of things from the freezer so I am expecting things to get a little less varied next week, but I don't want anything left to waste either.


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