Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Happy Days

We have gone for months without a working full sized oven and about a year without a properly working oven.  Despite attempts we couldn't repair it or find anyone who could.
We made do with a toaster oven while I was still in school.  I simply wasn't baking as much anyway.
However, I am home now and undecided whether I will go back.
Even if I do it will be next fall at the earliest.
On the frugal side -- we were able to wait until we found a pretty good sales price, buy a range I can use for canning, and can use my cast iron cookware on. 
Needless to say, I was quite happy to see it arrive today.
So I did what anyone should do when they have a new oven....I did a test cake.
Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake
It's cooling now and we are looking forward to a slice for dessert.
By the way, this is an easy make and one that is well received by everyone I've ever served it to.
Even with the Bisquick (or homemade baking mix if you prefer) it is relatively frugal dessert that presents well.  My mama used to make one using a cake mix and the cake mix costs more than a box of Bisquick costs most of the time and I get many servings of mix to use that way.


  1. So happy for you! Pretty range. I often make this cake from Bisquik, prefering to use my homemade baking mix as I can control the ingredients and cost. A nice variation is to swirl some jam thru the batter before topping it with the streusel or to top the batter with some fruit (canned, frozen, fresh) before adding the streusel topping. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks!

      It is definitely more frugal and healthy to make your own. I've just been feeling lazy.

      Thanks for the tips on changing up the coffee cake.

  2. I think we are required by law to make a test cake in a new oven! It looks really tasty!


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