Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday! Monday! Looking at Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

I've never put stock in the idea of Monday being a bad day.  I kind of feel like every day is what you make of it. 

However, if I did put stock in something like that I would say today has been a "typical Monday."

Before dawn my neighbors were banging something so hard it was rattling my dishes in the china cabinet.  The alarm didn't go off and we overslept by half an hour.  I had my mental image of my daughter's schedule mixed up and realized I hadn't prepped for her lunch -- thinking that was tomorrow instead of today.

Mama called and wanted to come up -- after I had spread out a year's worth of client files on the dining room table.  I asked her to wait until the next day.  Organizing a year's worth of receipts is quite a job and of course, I couldn't leave them out for privacy reasons. 

Then my daughter gets ready to leave for school and her car will not work at all.  I mean won't even turn over - despite us driving it yesterday and it being just fine.  I send her to school in my car and we are hoping she doesn't get  a parking ticket.  I call AAA and the Ford dealership (the car is a hybrid and we can't simply jump it).  The nice man from AAA got it started and I got it to the dealership.  Of course, I then needed a ride home.  I couldn't stay to wait for them to check the car because I have the stove delivery today sometime from lunch into early afternoon.

All of this before 11:00 this morning, but like I said I don't believe Monday is destined to be a bad day.   In fact, I've had a slew of blessings this morning. 

1.  I have good neighbors, who look out for things when we are gone.
2.  We only overslept by half an hour, the coffee pot was already set to go, and we had allowed some extra time.  I had plenty to improvise and pull together a quick lunch for my daughter.
3.  While I couldn't visit with Mama today I can tomorrow....and I can be free to enjoy it without worrying about incomplete work.
4.  We have income, good clients, and I get to work from home.
5.  The gentleman, who helped me with the car was nice.  He also told me to call him immediately if I got on the road between here and the dealership and had any problems.
6.  My sister's boyfriend was able to pick me up from the dealership and get me back home.

So all in all, I've had a blessed Monday!

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