Monday, January 30, 2017

Menu Monday

Last week I did pretty well at sticking to our menu.  I made a couple of adjustments, but nothing major.  We had Friday night's pizza on Thursday.  I did not cook fajitas because we had leftover chicken, and I shred it for tacos.  I didn't end up cooking muffins, but we had other things on hand so all in all I consider the week to be a success.

I just found out my son and his family will be coming home this weekend.  I'll be adjusting the cooking to accommodate three more, but the plan is to use things I have on hand.

Breakfasts will be the usual fare.  Lunches Monday through Friday will be leftovers.  There is fruit to supplement and I'll bake most of our snacks.

Monday -- Pressure cooker mac and cheese
Tuesday -- beans and dirty rice
Wednesday (guests over) -- potato and ham casserole, green beans, cornbread
Thursday -- hamburger patties, tater tots
Friday -- Crockpot beef and gravy, rice, glazed carrots, green peas (son's family should be in)
Saturday -- Breakfast -- sausage biscuits, hash browns, and fruit salad
                   Supper -- cheese ravioli with sauce, garlic bread, broccoli
Sunday -- brunch at my sister's house and I'll make a ham quiche and some hash browns to carry


  1. Yum! All of that sounds delicious. I hope you have a great week. :)


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