Friday, January 20, 2017

Household Binder and Bullet Journal

I'm still working on reading one of my library books.  The heroine is a female Sherlock Holmes.  I'm not horribly far into it, but so far I am enjoying it.

In keeping with my down time rules, I am doing a lot of sitting.
Emphasis on "a lot" !
However, I have put the time to good use.  Years ago I used to keep a household binder and had gotten away from it.  I've been watching videos about Bullet Journaling and while I don't think the Bullet Journaling alone would work for me, I do believe a combined household notebook and journal will.  My rules were I didn't need to go out and spend money to create one and it had to be highly functional.
I repurposed a notebook I had been keeping French notes in, pulled out a package of colored pens from Dollar Tree and got started.  (Those papers are now in the filing cabinet should I ever have need of them again.)  So far I have the following things in it:
1.  Index
2. Year at a Glance and Monthly calendar followed by weekly calendar (with menu planning space on the back of the sheets) for all 12 months
3.  Master cleaning list, monthly kitchen cleaning list, canning list, and freezer inventory sheets
4.  Birthdays and holidays lists and plans
5.  Budget (2016 totals, this years budget, and actual expense sheets)
6.  A personal section that includes goals, crafting projects, books read, etc.
7.  I created a miscellaneous section too.  It will house whatever I need to add.
Today I hope to add addresses and important phone numbers to the third section.
While this isn't a picture perfect scrapbooker's type journal, I think it will work for me.  I've left myself plenty of space to jot down things, to doodle, or whatever crosses my mind.

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