Friday, February 17, 2017

Clothes Shopping

For Christmas I received a gift card of $50 for Forever 21.  We do not have one of their stores near us, but since I knew I would be traveling to a town that does I saved the card.  

 I really didn't have anything special in mind, but I decided to look anyway.  I always hear about gift cards sitting and never being used, so I make an effort to use them up.

Most of the colors in the store seemed to be "not me."  I found one top for myself, but I found three tops that I thought would be perfect for my daughter. In order to make sure I do not leave any money on a gift card, I always go armed with a little extra cash and deliberately spend just over the amount on the card.  I spent a total of $57.22 with $3.62 of that being tax.

I bought this blue gray top for me:

  For my daughter I bought a long sleeved button up shirt and two short sleeved print t-shirts.  I know short sleeves seem kind of odd for February, but she can layer them under things or she can put them aside for spring, which isn't far away.



  1. Good for you for using that gift card! I found one that TheHub was given at work stuck between 2 drawers. I didn't even know we had one much less 75 bucks to Honeybaked Ham

    1. I hate it when that happens!
      Ideally I would have loved to buy my daughter a pair of jeans with the card, but she wasn't able to go with us and I knew I would never be able to pick out the "perfect" pair. :-)


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