Monday, February 27, 2017

Frugal Accomplishments for Last Week

I was slack about keeping my list last week and now I am having to flip through my calendar.  However, the fact that I have things down in the calendar shows how well my household binder is working for me.  Usually I have to try to rely on memory and sometimes that is sketchy.

I really wanted new curtains for my bedroom, but really didn't want to spend money on them.  A case of spring fever and being tired of looking at the same thing, I suppose.  I pulled through the linen closet and took out some curtains I had previously used in the living room -- a cabbage rose print.  I put them up in my room and it gave me an instant boost.  No money out of pocket, looks springy, and changed the feel of the room.

I spent a couple of hours packaging up meals for the freezer.  I see this as a time saver for the future and cost savings because I bought the chicken in bulk.

While not totally frugal, I did finish a birthday gift for my nephew.  I had it done in time to use the least expensive mailing option so that was nice.

I continued to hang our laundry up to dry.

We used our menu plan and continued to work on eating what is on hand.  We had very little food waste and what few "scraps" we had went out to the birds.

I took advantage of the spring like weather to walk  -- my favorite form of free exercise.  I even walked a mile out to our local CVS to pick up two items on sale and to utilize a coupon.  (I bought packing tape for me and dish detergent for my husband.  He prefers small bottles, and I prefer giant

When we left for my weekend work we drove the most fuel efficient vehicle.  Our ride is a little over 2 hours (due to distance, not traffic) and it was great time spent with my daughter.  I packed our meals for this trip and they worked out well.  The biggest thing I did not pack was enough snack type items for when we were really busy.  Next weekend I will correct that.

On the spending front, I ordered a large drying rack.  In the long term, I believe it will pay for itself.

I did buy dish detergent, eggs and soy milk to take to my husband.

 We also had a sad week and an unexpected expense.  We had to put down my dear Lizzie.  She had been with me for 9 years now and was truly my baby.  I literally dropper fed her before she was big enough to bottle feed.  She had a tumor growing behind her eye and she was in pain.  



  1. So very sorry about your sweet furbaby...

    1. Thank you. It was a hard thing to do, but I knew it was the right thing.

  2. So sorry about your kitty, losing a furry friend is hard. ((hugs))

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. Our animals are a part of our family and it hurts to lose them.


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