Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Goals -- How did I do?

February has flown by so quickly!

As a recap -- This year my "resolution" was to live purposefully.  Each month I am sharing my goals and then toward the end of the month I am sharing how the month went.

January's Goals
February's Goals

How February went:

1.    I did manage to stay on track with the master planner.  I found menu sheets that I added and I am loving them.  The expense sheets are up to date and so is the appointment planner.  I really think having everything in one binder just makes my life easier.

2.  I didn't keep bread baked up and in the freezer....unless we want to count sweet breads....in that case, I did bake bread for the freezer.

3.  I did work down pantry supplies.  Despite not baking extra bread for the freezer, I managed to use up all the wheat flour we had ground.  This tells me we made plenty of bread.  I also used up some bits and pieces of opened items from the pantry, the freezer, and the refrigerator.

4.  While I didn't truly do "once a month" shopping, I did do all my big shopping at once.  I had to do a few fill in runs and I did buy chicken, but all in all I consider this to have been a success.

5.  I did finish Eeyore for my nephew.

6.  I feel like we practiced simple entertaining and I was also able to give the neighbors some fresh bread.

7.  I did continue to downsize things....I organized the pantry, the kitchen cabinets, the freezers, the linen closet, the bathroom cabinets, the laundry room, and the master bedroom closet.  (The closet still needs a little more, but it is getting there.). In the process, I donated right many things to Goodwill.  I also gave some away.

8.  Sigh - we didn't manage a girls' night.  Everyone was sick at different times and then I was gone for almost a week.

9.  I did work on redecorating on a budget.  I love the couch and loveseat set.  I also made a table runner using supplies I had on hand.  I gathered candles from around the house and created a simple table centerpiece, too.


  1. I admire your great organizational skills, seems like a very smart way to keep on track. So sorry about your pet.


    1. Thanks. Some days I think I have it all pulled together and then other days I'm walking around wondering what I was supposed to be doing...lol


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