Saturday, February 18, 2017

Our Walmart

Carol mentioned how crazy things could get at her local Walmart.  

 We actually have two Walmart stores in our town and at least 3 of the Walmart Neighborhood Markets.  I'm fortunate to have a market less than 5 minutes from the house.  However, this shopping trip I went to the actual Walmart.

 The nearest Walmart to here is pretty much like the one Carol described.  Literally!  A year or two ago, a guy opened fire on people in the parking lot.  Sadly it is only certain people who act out there, but still it is kind of one of those places I avoided.  I'd even wait until we were in a town about 45 minutes from here if I wanted something from Walmart.

 However, in the last few years a new Walmart was built on the outskirts of our town.  It is clean, quiet, and in general a pleasant place to shop.  I don't go there a lot because the Neighborhood Market is so near me.  Any time I need supplies I cannot get in a grocery store type setting I will head that way.  (As a side note, the old Walmart will be torn down soon because developers have purchased the land.  They've already reduced back to closing at 10:00 each night.)

 As far as prices go: Walmart brand organic soy milk is $2.26 a carton.
 The Walmart brand lactose free milk, which my daughter needs, is $2.87 a carton.
 These prices are comparable to my Aldi prices.
 LF lactose free milk at Aldi is $2.79.
 Soymilk at Aldi is $1.99.
 Aldi is obviously slightly better and I do try to buy these items there whenever possible.

 The large blocks of cheese are $5.96.  My best price on cheese is usually Sam's Club.  This time I really wanted a variety of cheeses in smaller amounts rather than limiting myself to just one cheese.

 The biggest advantage that Walmart (or the market stores) has for me is that due to allergies there are some items I buy by brand.  However, I am really excited that our Aldi is expanding!


  1. Thanks for the follow up on Wm lf milk.

  2. I also find my best prices on cheese at Sam's Club. :)

    1. I find my membership to be worth while. I keep thinking if I can ever find someone to split one with it will be even better lol


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