Thursday, February 2, 2017

Independent Grocers

I stopped at one of our local independent grocers when I was on my way home from my sister's house.  To the best of my knowledge Piggly Wiggly is the only one in our area, but that is fine with me because they usually run great sales that are far better than most of the chain stores. 
I stopped in for some "cherry picking" of the sales items for this week.
6 -- 2 liter sodas  99 cents each (Company is coming this weekend so they're reserved.)
Star Wars cake decorations (Cake for my grandson this weekend.  :-) )
5 dozen eggs -- Amusingly this is the cheapest way for me to buy them. The 5 dozen box is more expensive than two of the 2 1/2 dozen boxes. 
2 bags of frozen stir fry -- on sale for $1.99 each
1 box of frozen chopped broccoli -- only place I can find this and it is for cornbread
6 cans of peas for 39 cents each
7 cans of corn for 39 cents each
5 cans of mixed veggies for 68 cents each
bone in pork butt -- $1.29 a pound -- for pulled pork sandwiches
All total I spent $35.03.


  1. Great bargains! I recognize the Argo label, a now closed, discount grocer used to carry that brand, along with other, older brands.

    1. It isn't a brand I've bought a lot of, but a can of peas is pretty hard to mess up. :-)

  2. I love ThePig near me and I really love buying from a locally owned establishment. I have bought Argo brand veggies for years.

    1. I think the nicest thing about shopping at a locally owned establishment is that they seem to truly appreciate a person's business. We are greeted, they still carry the groceries out, etc.


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