Thursday, February 16, 2017

How Much Does it Take?

I knew we would be away from home for four nights.  As I worked in the kitchen last week, I began the prep for some of our meals.
I packed:
1 chicken casserole (using crockpot chicken from another meal, a can of mixed veggies, and a half box of stuffing)
1 meal of food storage hamburger helper (I pull this together from my various dried food cans)
1 meal of BBQ sandwiches (leftovers from last week's roast)
1 loaf of zucchini bread from the freezer
Chips, cookies, apples, sausage balls for snacking on
Soy milk, stevia, tea bags, and coffee
1 box of cereal just in case
3 cans of Southwestern veggie soup from food storage and crackers
I planned for one meal out.

When we arrived, I found a "better" kitchen than I had expected.  
With the two burners, a microwave, and the Instant Pot I brought from home, we ate well all week.
With a little planning, it doesn't take much to keep food costs down.

There was one thing I didn't plan well.
  I think it was an oversight on my part because at home I keep beverages made up and in the refrigerator.
The water here had a horrible chemical smell.
We ended up picking up some sodas and bottle waters.
Rather than spread out around the area and try to find a lower price store, we bought them near us.
We ended up spending $20 while on the road for our meal out and the drinks we needed for the week.
Not too bad!

So I learned a few things:
With a little advanced prep, it didn't take much time to pack our meals.
With a few appliances, we could have hot meals everyday.
I need to pack drink mixes for next time or allot in my mental plan for purchases.
This place has full sized refrigerators, and next time I may not have to bring dried meals.
Baking and freezing quick breads before travel works great to help keep the cooler cold.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I came home with some cereal, coffee, and tea left. Not too bad. I was pretty close on my planning and I learned where to improve the next time.


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