Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pork for the Freezer (Divide and Conquer)

My daughter really likes pork, but she is picky about how it is prepared.
We bought a "half" pork loin that was almost 6.5 lbs.
At $1.69 a pound, which is a pretty good price for my area.
Of course with just three people, I don't need to cook 6+ pounds of pork at once.
I looked at my calendar, my upcoming menu ideas and what I had on hand to try to help me determine the best way to divide this up.
I decided to go with this arrangement.
1 largish roast -- I can use for a guest night or I can cook it and then shred the leftovers.
4 thick boneless "pork chops"
enough pork cubes for a stir fry recipe I want to try

Of course since none of these are on this week's menu, I wanted to go ahead and freeze the meat.

I used my food saver to seal them.  Ziplock bags would work, too.
(My food saver is as old as the hills.  I tried to remember exactly what year I bought it and can't.  I do know I've had it for 10+ years though.)


  1. I do the same. Great way to add meat to the coffers, at a great price!

    1. It really makes it easier to fill the freezer and to stick to a budget.

  2. I do this all the time too! My goal is to buy food at the best price and when it is really stellar to stock up.

  3. Anne, I try to stock up, too. We keep a set amount of cash aside for what we call "opportunity finds" and use it to take advantage of unexpected sales and discounts.


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