Monday, February 27, 2017

Menu Monday -- Over and Over

This is a work in progress, but I think I have made out a basic menu plan for the next few months.
Like all of life, they're subject to change...but still, not too bad.
I've planned them with rotation of freezer meals, pantry goods, and the upcoming meat orders.
I've included the travel I know about.
I think for a menu plan to work for us I have to allow enough flexibility to go with the flow at times, but I do think the planning is pretty solid on this.

Amusingly enough I didn't plan for the last few days of February.
Sunday night -- we had chicken and pasta casserole.  We came in late and I threw something together in the pressure cooker.
Monday night -- We've decided to cook the pork chops I didn't cook last week.

Edited -- Life pops up.  Daughter has a late meeting tonight, so we are going with pancakes and eggs for supper.  The porkchops will be Wednesday's supper.  


  1. My head aches just thinking about all the work that had to go into doing this! It's hard enough for me to plan just one week's worth of menus.


    1. I I took the meals I had made and spread them out. Then I filled in with meals we eat regularly. I allowed a couple of what I called "wild card" days. My intention on those is to try a new recipe and/or use up leftovers if there are any. I normally eat them for lunches. I also for frugality's sake added a breakfast meal of some type most weeks. Once I started filling things in it wasn't as hard as I expected.


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