Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Recipe Meh (keeping it real)

One of my goals has been to try some new recipes.  Today we decided to try a stir fry that has ramen noodles as a base.  For full disclosure, I did alter the meat and veggies rather than use the original recipe.  However, by my estimation that shouldn't have changed the overall taste.  The recipe was from a Taste of Home cookbook. This recipe fell short of our expectations.  It isn't horrible, but it isn't great either.  It isn't well seasoned.  I'm sharing what I did and then I'll share what I would do differently if I ever make something similar to this again.  
I thawed a bag of stir fry veggies, which I heated in the wok.
I added cooked chicken breast.
When this was heated through, I added the pack of chicken flavored ramen noodles, the seasoning packet, 1 cup of water, and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.
Then the recipe calls for it to simmer until the noodles were done, which we did.
(The original recipe called for pork and fresh stir fry veggies, but the rest was pretty much the same.)
Like I said, "It's just meh."
Despite me adding additional Braggs Liquid Aminos (my soy sauce substitute).
In the future, I'll approach this a little differently.
I'll cook my veggies and meat and add some onion powder and garlic powder.  Perhaps a dash or two of soy sauce.
I'll prepare my  noodles separately.
When they are done, I will drain them --  all but 1/4 cup of liquid.  I'll add the soy sauce and the seasoning packet.  Then I will serve the veggies over a bed of the seasoned noodles.
I'm hoping that will combat our biggest complaint -- the seasonings simply weren't the pop we were looking for.


  1. It looks good and I would think it would have been a good recipe too. I'll be curious to see how your changes will make it the next time you make it.

    1. I'll share what I do...when I get brave

  2. I would use vegetable oil and Sesame seed oil 50 50, stir fry the veg while still frozen, add onion, garlic to the veg. Cook the ramen in water, drain and add to veggies, along with soy sauce. Save the ramen bouillon for another day. This is how I make stir fry, with ramen and it is tastey.

    1. It took me a long time to find sesame seeds that aren't processed around nuts. I've been afraid to try the oil again.
      I would love to add real onion and garlic. If daughter isn't here, I will.
      Thanks for the tips. I'll try this next time.


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