Friday, February 17, 2017

Last of the Month's Shopping

I did the last of the shopping for the month on our way home.  I spent $78, but the full amount is not part of this month's budget.  I'll explain the split as I go along.  (Our Aldi is closed for renovations, so I made do as best I could with Walmart prices.)

 The pizza comes out of our eating out budget and was just under $7.00.
We picked it up because we did not make it in early enough to have anything from the freezer thawed.

The cheese is one item I did run out of.  (My fault because I didn't check when I shopped before and I used up 2 lbs. on sausage balls.).   The three soy milks will go with my husband and will last a while.

These are actually for part of some freezer meals and some canning that I will be doing.

The mushrooms are for chicken tetrazzini for the freezer and the slaw is for a veggie hash.

The coffee was a mark down at Walmart and my daughter loves chocolate coffee.
The taco shells were my impulse purchase, but one my daughter had mentioned recently.

These items are exclusively pantry and batching cooking items.
The crumbs and the ranch dressing are for chicken strips for the freezer.
The BBQ sauce is for dump and go crockpot chicken.
The 8 pans rare for freezing tetrazzini, chicken strips, and possibly some chicken pot pies in. 
I picked up the pectin because I am out.

So actually the bulk of this was for freezer meals or the pantry.
The most I may need later in the month is another dozen eggs, but I will try to get by with what I have on hand.

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  1. That pizza sounds good. Our WM's are very small and the "clientel" is interesting as in frequent fist fights breaking out, either in the parking lot, if not the store! Someone was shot at the lot last year, too, in broad daylight. Not a bad part of town, either! How do you like the LF milk? May I ask how much it cost? Cheapest 1/2 gallon around here is $3.


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